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    Leon Gazet

    Leon is one of the head coaches at Black River CrossFit. He has always loved leading an active life. He participated in various team sports throughout his youth and school years. Post school Leon found a particular passion in endurance sports. He has completed a number of multi day races in trail running, mountain biking and road biking, about 20 half marathons, 3 full off road marathons and a number of sprint triathlons. He discovered CrossFit about 3 and half years ago and ever since has become passionate about using it as a tool to improve the strength and conditioning of endurance athletes as well as your average day to day person.

    CrossFit level 1 Certified trainer
    CrossFit Endurance Certified trainer
    Attended CrossFit Outlaw Olympic lifting seminar in 2012 (Dublin Ireland)
    MovNat Level 1 seminar 2012 (Cape Town, South Africa)
    Qualified Chartered Accountant (CA) SA


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