Brett Sparg // Cape Town

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    Brett Sparg // Cape Town

    I have had a lifelong love of movement, sport and fitness and the positive effects it has had on all aspects of my life. What I want from my body is to have the confidence that my gut instinct reaction to any question that involves “hey Spargy, do you wanna……..(insert: ride a mountain bike race, go for a trail run, play touch rugby, go for a surf, enter a CrossFit competition, wear a pink speedo and swim in front of a crowd, etc” is an overwhelming YES!

    Having tried a number of different sports and training programmes, CrossFit is the best programme I know of that gives me the holistic fitness base I want and need to live the type of active life I like to lead. I have been doing CrossFit since 2009 and have made huge progress and mistakes along the way. Andrew, Leon and the rest of the Blackriver Team are constantly evolving their offering, skills and educating themselves to ensure they can offer us the very best possible coaching and ensure the focus is on quality movement and long term athletic development.

    Besides the fantastic facility, the awesome equipment and the ridiculously delicious date ball snacks (how does Andrea make those things?!!) the key factor for me is the friends I have made by being part of the Blackriver community…….just plain awesome people rocking up to get fit and have fun doing it.


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