Myles Brown // Cape Town

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    Myles Brown // Cape Town

    I have trained with Black River CrossFit Team for the last 9 months and what a pleasure it has been! Having been very active my whole life and playing competitive sport for a number of years – there was a significant void in my exercise routine once I hung up the boots and running shoes.

    They have been fantastic in motivating me to get active and competitive again. The classes and programmes are well planned, they offer a great variety of exercises and always under the professional supervision of their capable team. Sessions and exercises are scalable – but at the same time, they know each members potential and will accept nothing short of your absolute best.

    My time with them has been nothing short of refreshing – they have assisted me greatly in dietary recommendations and I am seeing first-hand the benefits and results of a well planned weight and cardio programme with a healthy eating routine.

    The team at BRC have a passion for health and fitness, this evident – they wear their hearts on their sleeves. The gym is extremely well equipped, and maintained, the change room facilities are fit for a King (or Queen) and the members are like minded people who thrive in the atmosphere the BRC Team create. I get excited to go to Gym at 6am.
    Thanks for all your efforts,
    A happy and healthier,


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