Ryan Ferraria // Cape Town

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    Ryan Ferraria // Cape Town

    Coming from a highly active school career, before Crossfit, I tried to work out and diet as I once did, but to no avail. I gradually gained weight and exercised less and less as movement just started to seem like a pain in the ass. Reaching an all-time high of 120 kg and a blood pressure reading of 160 over 100 at 25 years of age, I knew things had gone a little too far.

    Today, after eight months of moderately strict dieting and 3 days a week of Crossfit, I have lost 30 kgs. But this is probably what many people expect to hear when someone has joined a new gym or workout routine. So what is it about Black River Crossfit that has made me not just change my perspective on fitness and healthy living, but also my body. I believe it comes to three simple factors: culture, friendship and awesomeness.


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