Workout Of The Day- Friday 180810

Workout Of The Day- Thursday 180809
8 August, 2018
Workout Of The Day- Saturday 180811
10 August, 2018
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Workout Of The Day- Friday 180810

Part A:

4 Rounds, not for time:

6 HSPU/2 wall climbers
6 Strict Toes-to-bar/Knee Raises
6 Ring Rows with elevated feet
1 Peg Board Ascent/Peg Board Hold

Part B:

2 Rounds:

10m heavy sled push
8 KB Swings
6 Broad Jumps

Rest 3 minutes

9 cal AB
6 Thrusters (95/65)/(75/55)/Empty Bar
3 Bar Muscle Ups/Pull Ups/Jumping Pull Ups

Rest 3 minutes


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