Workout Of The Day- Friday 190503

Workout Of The Day- Thursday 190502
30 April, 2019
Workout Of The Day- Tuesday 190507
6 May, 2019
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Workout Of The Day- Friday 190503

Part A:

Pistol progressions
10 minutes

Part B:

Deadlift (Overhand Grip)
Strict HSPU Max

Part C:

For time:
10 Rounds
-2 Bar/Ring MU
-4 Alt pistols
-8 KB snatches
(4L + 4R)

12 minute cap

Part D:

Weekend swole:

Accumulate 50 DB Curls in the least amount of reps
Males 20% of BW
Females: 15% BW
If you put down weight 10 Air squats


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