Workout Of The Day- Friday 190607

Workout Of The Day- Thursday 190606
4 June, 2019
Workout Of The Day- Saturday 190608
7 June, 2019
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Workout Of The Day- Friday 190607

Part A:

Snatch Complex

-Hang Power Snatch
-Hang Squat Snatch
-OH Squat

Part B:

Buy in 200m run

8 Minute AMRAP
-10 KB swings
-10 T2B
-10 Dball cleans
-10 Plate jump burpees
Buy out 200m run

Part C:

3 Rounds

– 8 Reverse WB burpees
– 16 Band resisted knee ups
– 20s L sit (rings/parallettes/box)


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