Workout Of The Day- Monday 180416

Workout Of The Day- Saturday 180414
13 April, 2018
Workout Of The Day- Tuesday 180417
16 April, 2018
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Workout Of The Day- Monday 180416

Part A
6 Alternating sets:
2 Front squats (all @ 80-90% max)
Max strict pull-ups/ chin-ups
(1st set – pull-ups, 2nd set – chin ups etc)

Part B
6 Alternating sets:
2/2 front rack lunges from rack (heavyish)
Max strict ring dips/ push-ups
(1st – ring dips, 2nd – weighted push-ups)
*scale ring dip with ring push-up differing heights

Part C

500m row
40 air squats
30 sit-ups
20 push-ups
10 pull-ups
Time cap: 8 mins.
Start heat every 3 mins


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