Workout Of The Day- Monday 180507

Workout Of The Day- Saturday 180505
4 May, 2018
Black River CrossFit Programme Blue Panther
Workout Of The Day- Tuesday 180508
7 May, 2018
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Workout Of The Day- Monday 180507

Part A

Min 1-3
3 x clean into front squat, into jerk

Min 4-6
2 x squat clean into jerk

Min 7-9
1 x squat clean into split jerk

* red panther only do hang clean into push press on all minutes above

Part B

Station 1:
2 x 3 mins
Assault bike 35/25 cal
Max HS push ups/ hand release push-ups remaining time

Rest 3 mins

Station 2:
2 x 3 mins
Row 35/25 cal
Max chest to bar pull-ups


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