Workout Of The Day- Monday 180625

Workout Of The Day- Saturday 180623
22 June, 2018
Workout Of The Day- Tuesday 180626
25 June, 2018
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Workout Of The Day- Monday 180625

Part A

Back squat
Build to 2RM from 30% adding 10% with no rest between sets (besides adding weight)
Then drop sets back dropping 10% back to 30% with no rest (besides removing weight)
* if with partner of similar strength then alternate as you build.

Part B

40 OH Squat / front squat (115/95) (85/65)
*when put bar down do 15 burpees over bar (max 50% of back squat)
Rest 1 min
40 hang power cleans / KB swings (same weight as above)
* when put bar down do 15/10 pull-ups


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