Workout Of The Day- Monday 191007

Workout Of The Day- Saturday 191005
4 October, 2019
Workout Of The Day- Tuesday 191008
7 October, 2019
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Workout Of The Day- Monday 191007

Part A:

Pistol drills & Progressions

3 sets
6/6 pistol progression work
6/6 Single leg good morning hinge


3 sets
6/6 weighted pistol
6/6 single leg DB DL

Part B:

Build to a 3RM overhead squat

(In 6 sets or less, rest 1-2 min between efforts)


6 sets:
5 PVC pipe OH squats
5 Raised heel Goblet squats

Part C:

Cluster (95/65)(75/55)(45/35)
Burpees over the bar


Time Cap = 6 Mins



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