Workout Of The Day- Saturday 180414

Workout Of The Day- Friday 180413
12 April, 2018
Workout Of The Day- Monday 180416
16 April, 2018
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Workout Of The Day- Saturday 180414

Part A:

Build to Heavy 3 Deadlift in 6 sets or less
* Not trying to PB – just heavy for the day

Part B:

In pairs:
In 5 mins
30 partner deadlift (50-60% of 3RM for day)
30 partner wallballs (25/20) (20/15) (10)
Max alternating Muscle ups in remaining time/ Burpee pull-ups

In next 4 mins
20 partner deadlift
20 partner wallballs
Max alternating muscleups/ BPU

In next 3 mins
10 partner deadlift
10 partner WB
MAX Alternating MU/ BPU

*partner DL – each partner with own bar, extend at same time
* Partner WB – each with own ball, ball hit wall at same time
* alternate MU/ BPU


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