Workout Of The Day- Tuesday 181030

Workout Of The Day- Monday 181029
28 October, 2018
Workout Of The Day- Wednesday 181031
30 October, 2018
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Workout Of The Day- Tuesday 181030

Part A:

4 Sets – not for time
5/5 KB Front rack, backwards lunge.
10 Heavy KB swings (American)
5/5 Heavy KB suitcase Deadlift

Part B:

In pairs –

AMRAP 6 minutes
12 pistols/ scaled pistol
2 legless rope climbs/ Scaled rope climbs

1 minute transition

AMRAP 6 minutes
Double unders
*can only work while partner in plank

1 minutes transition

AMRAP 6 minutes
2 pegboard ascents (unbroken if possible) / Pegboard pull-ups/ Pegboard holds
8 sandbag/ dball cleans over shoulder

*record score after each round



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