Workout Of The Day- Tuesday 200218

Workout Of The Day – Wednesday 200205
4 February, 2020
Workout Of The Day- Wednesday 200219
18 February, 2020
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Workout Of The Day- Tuesday 200218

Part A:

Beat swing work
Practice Rhythm with T2B/K2E

Hollow rock
Swing through shoulders
Activate Lats


Advanced members do single leg T2B
3*10 (Alt)

Part B:

3 Sets
Max effort ring rows (Parallel to the ground)

Part C:


Work for 40s rest 20s

1) 16/12 T2R*
2) 14 DB Chest Press
3) Max L-sit
4) Sleds
5) Rest

*T2R: Hang up 4 at the back



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