Workout Of The Day- Wednesday 180214

Workout Of The Day- Tuesday 180213
12 February, 2018
Workout Of The Day- Thursday 180215
14 February, 2018
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Workout Of The Day- Wednesday 180214

Part A:

In 10 Mins:

Two options:
1) If can do ring dips then:
– 5 Rounds:
5 sec hold at top of dip, 5 second lower down, 5 second hold at bottom of dip, 2 strict ring dips, 2 kipping
Rest 1:1

2) Work through ring dips progressions with coach and partners:
– Proper push-ups, Box dips, Partner ring supports, Jump up and lower down

Part B:

For time:
1000m row/ 750m Row
30 DU
20 Ring dips/ Box dips
Rest 4 mins

500m row
40 DU
25 ring dips/ Box Dips
Rest 3 mins

250m row
50 DU
30 ring dips/ box dips

Time cap = 25 Mins (Incl. Rest)


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