Workout Of The Day- Wednesday 190130

Workout Of The Day- Monday 190126
27 January, 2019
Workout Of The Day- Thursday 190131
30 January, 2019
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Workout Of The Day- Wednesday 190130

Part A:

5 rounds not for time:

5/5 strict hanging twisted knee to elbow
10M HS walk OR 2 wall climbers
10 Kipping toes to rings
15/15 second side plank

Max 16 minutes on this section of work

Part B:

4 rounds:
In 3 minutes:
10 DB Manmakers (45/30) (35/20) (25/15)

Odd rounds: Max Burpee pull-up in remaining time

Even rounds: Max Ski erg calories in remaining time OR row in remaining time

Rest 2 mins between rounds

*Manmaker = push-up + row left+row right + DB burpee + DB clean and press


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