The Box

Our facility is located at Blackriver Business Park, 11 Fir Street, The Terraces Building, Observatory, Cape Town. We pride ourselves on providing our members with the best CrossFit training experience before, during and after your training sessions.


  • We only use the best quality CrossFit equipment, in that regard we are the official Again Faster showroom and use their equipment exclusively. Again Faster are a world recognised supplier of CrossFit equipment and they supply all our equipment at Black River CrossFit.
  • Please visit the Again Faster Equipment website for more information about our equipment.

The facility itself is over 580 square metres in size and has:

  • 2 big group training floors that can accommodate up to 12 people on each floor at a time.
  • 1 private training room that can be used for private training sessions.
  • 1 mobility and warm-up floor setup for pre and post movement prep and mobility work.
  • Top notch bathrooms with ample shower and changing facilities.
  • In the near future we will have a smoothie and coffee bar that provides you with the opportunity to get your pre and post workout nutrition just right.
  • Ample outdoor training space with 2-3 sports fields directly in front of the facility, a running track within walking distance and a municipal swimming pool (for a small additional fee) – these are sometimes used for CrossFit endurance classes throughout the year.
  • Ample free parking within close walking distance of the facility, together with pay as you go parking in the business park.