The Story Behind the Panther

The panther is a symbol of ferocity and valour and incites a sense of both awe and admiration. Its prowess, beauty, strength, ferocity and power encapsulate what CrossFit stands for. The panther has over 500 voluntary muscles that it is able to use at will therefore emboding a superior ability to do a variety of tasks including climbing, running and swimming. It is for this reason that the panther has become the symbol of mastery over all dimensions. CrossFit through constantly varied funtional movements executed at high-intensity also results in the ability to function and be fit in a broad range of skills similar to that of the panther.

What is Crossfit?


Information about us

Black River CrossFit opened at the beginning of 2013 and we have always prided ourselves on providing our members with a top quality training experience whether you are someone who has never done any exercise before or you are a top level athlete. We constantly encourage our coaches to improve their experience and knowledge. We are here to coach you – this means we make sure that you are moving towards being safe, efficient and effective in everything you do in the gym. We will never compromise movement integrity for the sake of lifting more weight or going faster.

We want to educate people about the choices they are making that are negatively affecting their ability to be fit and healthy and give them the tools to regain that fitness and health. In the modern world there is a misunderstanding about what one should and should not be doing in order to become fit and healthy. We want to change this for the members of Black River CrossFit and where we do not have the answer we will strive to associate with professionals who can educate our members about how to become the best they can be because we strongly believe that someone who is fit and healthy is a better person, father, mother, employee, colleague, friend and competitor.

We also strive towards creating an environment that people look forward to training in. We actively try to create a tightly knit community that is fun to be around and we want Black River to be a space where all our members are comfortable and are able to make friends with the people they train with a on a daily basis.

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