Coming from a highly active school career, before Crossfit, I tried to work out and diet as I once did, but to no avail. I gradually gained weight and exercised less and less as movement just started to seem like a pain in the ass. Reaching an all-time high of 120 kg and a blood pressure reading of 160 over 100 at 25 years of age, I knew things had gone a little too far.

Today, after eight months of moderately strict dieting and 3 days a week of Crossfit, I have lost 30 kgs. But this is probably what many people expect to hear when someone has joined a new gym or workout routine. So what is it about Black River Crossfit that has made me not just change my perspective on fitness and healthy living, but also my body. I believe it comes to three simple factors: culture, friendship and awesomeness.

Ryan Ferraria

Cape Town

I have had a lifelong love of movement, sport and fitness and the positive effects it has had on all aspects of my life. What I want from my body is to have the confidence that my gut instinct reaction to any question that involves “hey Spargy, do you wanna……..(insert: ride a mountain bike race, go for a trail run, play touch rugby, go for a surf, enter a CrossFit competition, wear a pink speedo and swim in front of a crowd, etc” is an overwhelming YES!

Having tried a number of different sports and training programmes, CrossFit is the best programme I know of that gives me the holistic fitness base I want and need to live the type of active life I like to lead. I have been doing CrossFit since 2009 and have made huge progress and mistakes along the way. Andrew, Leon and the rest of the Blackriver Team are constantly evolving their offering, skills and educating themselves to ensure they can offer us the very best possible coaching and ensure the focus is on quality movement and long term athletic development.

Besides the fantastic facility, the awesome equipment and the ridiculously delicious date ball snacks (how does Andrea make those things?!!) the key factor for me is the friends I have made by being part of the Blackriver community…….just plain awesome people rocking up to get fit and have fun doing it.

Brett Sparg

Cape Town

I joined Blackriver on 1 June 2013 and since then have managed to get myself out of bed at 5:15am, four mornings a week, almost every single week. This is basically a miracle for most of us, especially though winter, but what can you do, going to class is addictive! Blackriver has managed to sweep us up into a little Crossfit community that is just as fun as it is productive. I have made so many new friends, gotten so much stronger and ended up being one of those people that make sure they are in bed by 10pm to be able to train in the morning. Who would have thought!

While I can never say that doing a 100 wall balls in a row is fun – seeing yourself go further, push heavier and finish faster is such a kick. The coaches at Blackriver make an effort to know each and every member and scale exercises so that you are always able to at least do something. I think that is also the thing I love the most about Crossfit – people cheering each other on until the very last person has finished. Another great thing about Crossfit in general, and the scheduling at Blackriver, is how varied your training is. You never know what is coming up next and this keeps your body guessing. No way of getting bored! Also, according to research done in the States, 60% of all Crossfitters are girls, so even though some may be sceptical, girls are not going to be building massive arms but rather getting fit, toned and lean.

Crossfit is completely addictive and Blackriver has managed to hit the nail on the head with their mix of excellent facilities (not many independent gyms have hairdryers in the bathrooms!), interesting workouts, great networking and team building events and coaches who know what they are doing and make it really fun. I love it.

Lise Van Schoor

Cape Town

I have trained with Black River CrossFit Team for the last 9 months and what a pleasure it has been! Having been very active my whole life and playing competitive sport for a number of years – there was a significant void in my exercise routine once I hung up the boots and running shoes.

They have been fantastic in motivating me to get active and competitive again. The classes and programmes are well planned, they offer a great variety of exercises and always under the professional supervision of their capable team. Sessions and exercises are scalable – but at the same time, they know each members potential and will accept nothing short of your absolute best.

My time with them has been nothing short of refreshing – they have assisted me greatly in dietary recommendations and I am seeing first-hand the benefits and results of a well planned weight and cardio programme with a healthy eating routine.

The team at BRC have a passion for health and fitness, this evident – they wear their hearts on their sleeves. The gym is extremely well equipped, and maintained, the change room facilities are fit for a King (or Queen) and the members are like minded people who thrive in the atmosphere the BRC Team create. I get excited to go to Gym at 6am.
Thanks for all your efforts,
A happy and healthier,

Myles Brown

Cape Town


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